MCQ on Fundamental Rights

 MCQ  on Fundamental Rights

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MCQ  on Fundamental Rights
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In this section, we are sharing the most important MCQ on Fundamental Rights. Indian Polity is one of the vital subjects for all competitive exams. So, we have to practice properly all the MCQ on Indian Polity.
If you want to crack any Exam like SSC, Rail, NDA, CDS, WBSSC, UPSC, WBCS and State PSC then you have to practice MCQ questions after going through the descriptive chapters. So it is the right place for you to complete your study. 

MCQ  on Fundamental Rights | Polity MCQ

Following quiz provides Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to Fundamental Rights.

1. Which of the following is given the power to enforce the Fundamental Rights by the Constitution?

... Answer is D)
The Supreme Court and High Courts.

2. ‘Fundamental Rights’ are

... Answer is A)

3. Fundamental Rights Cannot be suspended

... Answer is D)
May be suspended during Emergency

4. Under which Article of the Constitution of India, Fundamental Rights have been provided to citizens?

... Answer is B)
Article 12 to 35

5. In the Indian Constitution of the ‘Right to Freedom’ is granted by four Articles which are

... Answer is A)
Article - 19 to Article - 22

6. In the Indian Constitution, the right to equality is granted by five Articles. They are

... Answer is C)
Article 14 to Article 18

7. Which one of the following Articles of the Constitution deals with the fundamental rights related to the exploitation of children?

... Answer is C)

8. Eradication of all types of social discrimination comes under which generation of Human Rights?

... Answer is B)
Second generation

9. Which Article of the Indian Constitution eradicates untouchability and prohibits its practice in any form?

... Answer is B)
Article 17

10. Which Article of the Constitution of India is related with Freedom of the Press?

... Answer is A)
Article 19

11. Under which Article Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes have been granted fundamental, socioeconomic, political and cultural rights?

... Answer is D)
Article 17.

12. In which Article the Fundamental Rights to Freedom of Speech and Expression is provided in the Constitution of India?

... Answer is B)
Article 19.

13. Which Article of the Constitution of Indian Republic relates to the Protection of ‘Life and Personal Liberty’?

... Answer is B)
Article 21 .

14. Which Article of the Indian Constitution protects person’s right to travel abroad?

... Answer is C)

15. According to Article 25 of the Constitution ‘Right to Freedom of Religion’ is not subjected to

... Answer is D)

16. Under which Article of Indian Constitution wearing of ‘Kripans’ by Sikh is deemed as a right to freedom of religion?

... Answer is B)
Article 25 .

17. Article 25 of the Indian Constitution refers to

... Answer is C)
Freedom of Religion .

18. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

... Answer is D)
Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions - Article 31.

19. Which of the following rights can be enforced under Article 32 of the Indian Constitution?

... Answer is B)
Fundamental Rights.

20. Under the Indian Constitution who is the guardian of the fundamental rights?

... Answer is C)
Supreme Court

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